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Monday, 23 December 2019

social science paper style

Such people are 'enigmatic'. It is not necessary that every closed fist is full, some are empty as well. Some fists have to be opened, they have a light-handed look, which opens them up freely. Some fists may not even open, no matter how loud you are. Sometimes we must also wonder, why did this fist stop? Sometimes we have experiences that make us decide that we have nothing to say to anyone anymore. Sometimes we just end up with someone we have grown up with.
Both resemble. The seldom-talked-about boy slowly began to tell his friends everything. There are some people where we open all the doors of our heart. We allow some people to do so at any time, in their heart and in their existence. After some time the boy stopped talking to himself. One day the girl asked, "Why don't you talk about anything now?" The boy said, that's it! He liked to say that, now I do not feel like my words are being swallowed. It is wise to shrink the words when there is no turning back! However, he did not say so. Explaining must also be done where there is openness.

Understanding our person is also a sign of love. Not every time a man goes silent. It becomes selective. Decides what to talk to and what not to talk about. It is understood that being one's own person, the thing that should be talked about is not doing this now or not! Open your fist to him, who can feel the lines of the palm, which can soak into the palm of the palm and join hands with his hands! Man should also be selective for man. Living with it feels like the texture of life!Intimate love between the two. His love did not matter. Once his friend Kapal came to stay at home. He questioned seeing the husband and wife talking less. You talk so little! The friend said, that's right. We speak very little. There is a reason behind it. My parents and my wife's parents are friends. Both of our parents are deaf. We've lived with both of them since we were little. That is why we have learned the language of silence! Sensory language goes beyond words. We understand the language of gestures. Our parents didn't speak, they didn't listen, they were still communicating! The language of the eyes explained it perfectly. One incident I miss. My father once brought flowers for my mother. My mother's attention was another. He approached and pointed the shoulders as if to look. My mother's attention went to the rose flower in her hand. The Thanksgiving Love You couldn't speak, but I realized that the pink sensation of the rose petals on her cheeks. The pink cheeks of those cheeks were also floating in my father's eyes. From that time I realized that dialogue requires affection, not words.

How much do we all speak? How many words will we be speaking throughout the day? How many words will be repeating? Each man has his own dictionary. In today's hi-tech era, how much we walked, how much we ran, how much we ate, is the kind of variety app is available. Alas, there is even an app that shows how much we live! It also gives an account of how much you die every day. Do we know if life is worth the gain or the loss? How many minutes can we speak in 24 hours? How long will you be silent? So how much, but how to speak.
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