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Monday, 23 December 2019

GSET Exam 2019 call letter

At present, there is a section related to current affairs in each competitive exam question paper, in which you can get the highest score by spending less time, because to solve current affairs questions, only a few minutes are required. All the students adopt new methods for better preparation of affairs, yet there is no success in preparing it, this problem is almost Remains before each competitor, are the cause of all students in mind current question Sambndi hin the preparation of affairs in the end how to prepare current affairs? Regarding the preparation of current affairs, we are telling you in detail on this page.
1. Through News Paper
News paper is a better medium for the preparation of current affairs, through the news paper, information is being received in the country and the world, for this, you can take the help of English newspapers, although it takes time if The grip on English is not very good, so you can use the magazine, it is also very easy to prepare because it contains important things for the exam. Rsn are and refrain from unnecessary questions.

2. Via TV
You can watch programs related to current affairs of Rajya Sabha TV, Lok Sabha TV and DD News through the TV news channel, this will help you a lot, for this you will have to set a time, in which you can spend an hour in the morning or evening. Daily News can see, according to psychology, that if we are not able to read something and keep it in the brain, through illustration, it is better to work less in the brain. Pooh's way of placing.
3. via internet
At present, Internet is of special importance, Internet has become a special aid material for information, assistance or any other department related to any field, Internet has special contribution in education also, even for competitive examinations. Internet is being used a lot, Internet provides special support for any competitive exam, in this way we can take any test Is preparing for the help of Internet can easily provide numerous such Vebsaits, the information related to the daily current affairs on the Internet.
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