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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

official govt press note for recruitment

What to look out for? The saint said, extending what we feel is good and shortening the event to look bad! Stretch a good event. Compress a bad event. If something good happens, extend that time. Try to enjoy yourself a little bit more. Do not let the intoxication of happiness and happiness go down the drain. What do we do? We forget good events quickly. We keep the bad event going. In fact, there is a need to reverse. Bad events do not come out of the brain quickly. Why do you let the good go?

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It is never going to be what we want. A lot of things are going to happen as well. A young philosopher approached. He told the philosopher, pray for something good! The philosopher asked, why did that happen? The young man said, "There is an issue going on in life." In one case, there is another problem. Dad's health has worsened. They got dizzy and fell down. Taken to the hospital. All reports done. We were afraid that something serious would happen. However, all reports came to normal. It keeps everything going. Philosophers started laughing! Asked the young man, why are you laughing? The philosopher asked. All the reports of Dad coming to Norlam? Said the young man. Yes, totally normal. Philosopher said, That means that nothing bad happened! Isn't it bad now? You consider it a problem for Dad to fall, but you don't mind that the report came to normal! There is so much good going on in life, we do not consider it good. How we perceive an event is often the cause of our happiness or sorrow!One of the reasons for this is that it does not detach from the old and old condition. A boy and a girl met for the wedding. Both of them were once divorced. The man is afraid of another attempt once he is beaten. They both talked. The boy said to the girl, "Do you have anything to ask?" The girl said one thing to ask! You've been detached from your previous relationship, Hundred. No loads, no regrets or no complaints? The boy said no. I'm free. Looking forward to a new endeavor.

The girl then said, I have one thing to do. Before we met I met the girl I was married to before you! The boy asked, what did you want to know? Could have asked for me too! The girl said, I wanted to know from her, not from you! The girl said, I wanted to know, how did you get separated? The girl told me that we were very gracefully separated. We both came to realize that we couldn't live together. We talked. Decided to leave. As they walked away from each other, they both greeted each other. The boy asked, why did you want to know this? The girl said that the one I married did not let me go in peace. Very annoying. One thing I realized then is that a person who is not able to be separated cannot be well met. Man's grace measures not just how he gets it, but also how it is separated.
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