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Friday, 25 October 2019


Sometimes we know that this man is going to say that. We still take it seriously. The world has not left God. Also check out the history of the great men. Even those who opposed it were no less. Some people even say that if people talk about you, envy you, think you're ahead. You are going the right way. However, why even believe this? Why do we envy someone's basis for our success? We are the biggest judges of whether we are right or not. Even if we are wrong, we have to decide what to do. Many people are also investigating who is talking about me. If you talk to someone, they will ask immediately, what did they say or say about me? From what he says, we draw an opinion about that person. We don't even check if this is true or false? We don't even ask, did you say that? We tie a knot. Many such nodes are bound inside us. We never think that all these nodes bind me. I'm not free from myself! Prejudices are bound by our insistence. We are not supposed to believe, we cannot assume, and then we live as if we did not!

We worry about who's talking. We never take the plunge, what am I talking about? Before you say anything about someone, do you think of a new emphasis? On somebody's forehead we hit the catcher's label. How much do we envy someone's success or one's happiness? If someone is successful, we can also say that their destiny is good, but there is no such skill! How is man He is also jealous of one's fortune if nothing is found. There is no need to take the world as seriously as we take it every time. The reason is that the world does not even take us seriously as we believe! If you decide on the right destination, the right route for it, and continue your journey, you will only be able to do so.There is also dak parka. What category does the person who speaks about us matter? Many people are saddened by the fact that we do not have any change, that we have nothing to do with them. We sometimes give too much imports to a man. Give importance only to those who deserve it. A young philosopher approached. He said that those who do not know me speak my worst! Philosopher said, we also have to create a few circles of relationships around us. Some people are in the circle first and some second or third. The rest of the people are outside the circle. Don't worry about what those people are saying. There are also some people who are fun to disturb you. They are the only ones looking for your sore throat. They also want to distract you. Just as we get disturbed, we see it! We get disturbed and realize their intention. If you forget it, it will forget you too. If you remember, you will not forget it.
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