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Thursday, 24 October 2019


Meanwhile, the entire country is keeping an eye on the future of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Dhoni is constantly asking the selection committee and newly appointed chairman Sourav Ganguly on whether he will retire from the cricketing world or still keep his career for a while.

Meanwhile, former BCCI secretary Sanjay Jagdale said, "The future of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in international cricket can be resolved through discussion. Ganguly and the selection committee will have to discuss 38-year-old wicketkeeper and batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Dhoni's retirement is not a big issue so he should not be overestimated. '


Jagdal said, "Ganguly and the selection committee should talk to Dhoni directly and end the issue. Such issues are resolved by communicating with the giants in each country. Ganguly is currently the Chairman of the BCCI in just 10 monthsAfter taking office, Ganguly had a press conference wherein he was asked on the questions asked about Dhoni's retirement: "Dhoni is a legendary player in the Indian cricket world and as long as I am, every player will be given full respect." Dhoni is a champion and the champions never die ... '

At the press conference, Ganguly was asked if he had communicated with the team management or selection committee on the matter of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Responding to this, he said that similar discussions were taking place when I was out of the team, but I returned to the team and the field. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a very big player. If you look at their record, it will only bring praise to them.

Asked about Mahendra Singh Dhoni's retirement, Ganguly said, "We are not the only one to decide when he will retire." As well as from management there is no pressure on them to retire. Only Dhoni will decide when he will retire.Was not and his performance was lost in all three Tests. Plessis said this kind of tour realized that it was often traumatic and difficult to get out of.

The way India performed big scores in every innings and was constantly putting pressure on us. This has had a psychological impact on our batting. A lot of power is wasted on getting out of it. This is why our batting was weak in the final leg of the series. You never want to be mentally weak, he added.

Blaming the South African Cricket Board, the tourist skipper said the trip had revealed that planning was lacking. With the retirement of such a great player as Hashim Amla and De Villiers, the board didn't think about the future of the team. It is only by realizing that our structure of cricket is not well organized. There is a big difference between domestic cricket and international cricket. You look back two to three years and if anyone really had a vision he could tell that there would be a lot of inexperienced players in the team after the next three years. At that time, there were 34 to 36 players in the team who were about to retire, so why didn't you take any action for this kind of situation?

According to the South African captain we are responsible for not planning properly. A bit
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