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Sunday, 15 September 2019


Now this FaceSoft company will be working with the police in London and our Mumbai police to test the technology. If this technology is successful then it will replace the polygraph test ie ly detector. Polygraphy test that is performed by injecting a chemical called sodium thiopental, ethanol or cannabis into the offender's body. This chemical is also called Truth Drugs. Polygraphy tests are performed in many rar cases. This is the new technology software base. Right now, even if this is just for the police and the criminals have to try it, technology experts predict that the technology will be available to the general public sooner or later. The point is, if you upload a video, it will tell if it is true or false. If you see such an app in your Play Store shortly there is nothing to be surprised about.Many relationships are based on lies. It is not a matter of how a man is improved overnight. Thus, in the relationship, Onesti is a must. Whatever lies you have to do if caught early or late. Technology never deletes your communication history completely. Sin shouted at the roof. As a cyber expert has said, if a man falls behind, he can know your transactions from here to there. Well, not everyone doubts us! However, with time and with the development of technology, the suspicion of each other has also increased.                                                                CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD                                               
                   Thus, since the advent of mobile, this has also been happening in joke. The first jock was probably the same, the wife asked, "Where are you?" The husband said, drive the car. The wife said, eh? Just play the horn! This is a joke, but now checking mobiles and deleting messages or history has become an everyday task for many.The Wrist Belt, which can read any emotions, will be on the market shortly. Such an emotion reading instrument is needed when there is no one to read the emotions. There have been predictions about technology that will soon take over the intelligence of man. When it comes to Emotions, technology may catch the Emotions of man, but Emotion is a human being. Artificial intelligence, no matter how artificial, can never be real. Man is a sensitive animal. He lives by the sensation. When it comes to the technology of so many species, when will a technology that keeps a person's senses alive? However, there is no need for such technology if we can keep our emotions alive.At that time it was only a matter of going to God to punish him for lying. Secondly, do people speak the truth? They were encouraging to know. I should eat Many would even lie about eating something, that is, your bus. People used to give a variety of recipes to make a true confession. Now the time has changed. Lying and doing wrong have made technology difficult. If you do anything wrong, the risk of getting caught is highest. CCTV cameras capture your presence. Your phone can track where you were and where you went.
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