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Monday, 9 September 2019

toxic relationships

Examples of toxic relationships are found around us. The biggest
contamination between the two individuals is today's biggest contamination. In the past, if someone did not get involved with someone, it was said that their relationship had deteriorated. Now relationships are not only deteriorating but toxic. So dangerous that a man can go to any extent to seek revenge. 

Psychologists say that now people have to be careful that the toxins do not penetrate into themselves. It causes the man to harm others, even to himself. Anger, resentment, sadness, hostility and revenge tend to diminish our power. Destroys people's creativity. The more free a man is, the closer to happiness and peace he is. Toxic posts are being uploaded to social media. The person who makes poisonous statements is a victim, it has the opposite effect on the reading or the viewer as well. Bitterness is spreading on social media. What happens to us by reading this? How does the world change? 

We feel that everything is about to go bad. We do not understand the coming change in our nature. This is also the reason for the rise of bigotry or intolerance. Social media first builds a belief in us and then slowly builds it up. Its like being warned. Social media is a waste of time. Wasting time is a serious topic but it is also a serious waste of our mindset. Not only the negative posts, even the funniest photos or stories make us think that everyone is having fun, my bad luck. How all goes around, I just can't go anywhere. 
Ideas about who wears and how we dress are also influencing us. The whole world has become visible. From social media, we are beginning to formulate people's opinions about people and the world.

Due to toxicity the currency of detox is increasing. From the Detox Diet to the Detox Behavior, things are starting to happen. Mob lynching reveals a toxic culture. People get off the field without thinking. Intolerance is on the rise. My point is true, I believe it is right, I do it right. We do not even try to understand the point of accepting someone else's point or the idea of ​​someone else. Acknowledging that one's opinion may be different from ours is wise. Although the word toxic is declared as Word of the Year, it is important for us not to be affected. 

There are many factors in our life that we cannot change, but we can definitely change if we want to. The best way to keep life simple and intuitive is to identify toxic elements and keep them away from us. As the concentration of toxic elements is increasing, so too is the need to increase vigilance.
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