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Saturday, 7 September 2019

samajik Vugnan short notes

The inspiration for the social revolution. The life of Abedkar is an epic of struggles, which has made the history of human poverty glorious by truly understanding humankind. Born on April 14, 1891 in the Mahar tribe, Drs. Bhimarao Ambedkar was the creator of Indian society. He fought alone to fight against injustice, exploitation, humiliation, hatred and pain.

A Dalit kid whose life was thrown out of his car in childhood, was banished to school. Being an untouchable, he studied the Vedas and scriptures of Sanskrit and proved his mastery in various fields of knowledge in the West and became the chief creator of the Indian Constitution.

He was pursuing higher education abroad. In the meantime, he assimilated the best educational values ​​of the West and determined that he would come to India and raise a wider awareness of human rights in the sluggish Dalit society. So he concentrated his energies on social freedom rather than political freedom. He said, "We are all Indians; when somebody says we are Indian first then Hindus or Muslims, I am sad, I believe that we are Indian first and stay till the end, nothing else. General Chat Chat Lounge

At the first Golmage convention, Dr. Ambedkar firmly endorsed the self-esteem of Dalits and their human rights, clearing the British Raj's indifference to Dalits. It is an important chapter in the history of modern India. Mahatma Gandhi attended the first Round Table Ceremony. On the basis of Ambedkar's work, he was honored to be an outstanding patriot but Dr. Ambedkar was also unhappy with getting the patriotism from Gandhiji. Dr. Ambedkar turned against him and told Gandhiji - You say that India is my homeland but I will say that I am deprived of this country. How do I regard this country as my own and how can I call this religion my religion, in which we are treated like dogs and cats? Where we can't even get drinking water. No one lacking self-esteem can boast of this country. He went on to say that - people have doubts about me. There can be no doubt that I love my country. But I also have other loyalties, for which I am committed. This devotion to the untouchable society in which I was born.

Dr. Ambedkar used the slogan 'Be educated, unite, and struggle.' They believe that self-esteem, human rights, and social justice are not achieved by mere demand. To achieve this one also has to make himself worthy of it.
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