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Wednesday, 4 September 2019


It will boil! We don't do that. We look forward to it when needed! Sometimes we even want someone to look after us! We not only make our decisions in our mind, we also think of our people. We also sacrifice our desires for the good of our people. Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether life is personal or collective? We all know, come alone and go alone. No one comes along and no one comes along! Yet we remain connected with our people till the very last moment of life. That is life.Not only does man have to make himself happy, he also has to make his people happy. You think, for what do you live? A few faces will come out of sight. For that you will be ready to do everything. The parents rub off on their offspring. They are willing to do anything to see the radiance on the faces of their offspring. This is the true case.

He had a daughter. Unfortunately, the daughter was mentally unstable. The only purpose of a husband's life was to take care of it. Even if the mad daughter smiled, Ronak would come to their faces. He would stick his head all night while he slept. Gradually the daughter grew older. He had no sense of worldliness. Even parents were getting older. As we get older, the two begin to worry that what will happen to this daughter after we die? Who will save it? The wife got sick at an early age. The same concern was when the daughter was dying, what would happen to the daughter? The husband consoles that,After poisoning your daughter, I will also take poison, so that daughter will not worry. The next day he decided that he would go to a saint. In conversation, the saint's mouth spoke truthfully, "I am able to do so." I will kill my daughter. The saint began to laugh at hearing this! The man asked, "Why are you laughing at such a serious thing?" The saint said, I have come to laugh so that the madman is not your daughter, the madman you are! If you killed him, he was killed when he was younger, didn't you? At least you and your wife could live in peace. The man said, Why can this happen? That was our life! The saint said, "We do not even have the right to take our life. You will live your whole life and let your daughter live. You have done your duty. Let nature do its duty, too.You do not have to do this. Somehow, you are not cynical about life! We do not understand where we make a mistake! This is the story of a lover and a lover. Both of them had a great affection for each other. The girlfriend keeps telling the lover that you do so. Don't waste too much time on friends and phone. Focus on your goal. Even if the lover believes so much of himself, he is. Not once with a lover. He said, don't talk to me in all things! Sweetheart was upset to hear this! So do what you want to do now! You have lifeNow I will do what seems reasonable to me! After all, it's my life! There was a general dispute between a couple over a matter. The husband became annoyed and said, "I don't want to listen to anyone anymore, I've lived my life." It's my life! The wife approached.
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