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Sunday, 8 September 2019

How much does the Oxford Word of the Year 'Toxic' feel about life? -

If you ask about life is poison, Lord, you are now dark in the court,
Lord, where is the truth? Lamilaher hai Prabhu ', by seeing Damius at home, is the poison of life in this work by the poet Himal Pandya of Bhavnagar. Our lives, our mentality, our culture, our environment, our behavior and our entire existence gradually become toxic. The word poisonous has been declared the Oxford Word of the Year for 2018. The term usage has increased by 45 percent during this year. Thus, the direct meaning of the word Toxic is poisonous. However, now it is growing to use it in other words. At one time, the term toxic was most often used in the context of environment or chemicals. Now the word toxic is also used for relationships and culture. Toxic relations and toxic culture discussions are taking place. In addition, the Toxic masculinity has been very hot this year due to the Me to Campaign. One of the important reasons behind the choice of the word Toxic is the term used in the context of Me to Campaign.

Toxic masculinity means toxic masculinity. Dangerous masculinity. The term is used for people who treat women badly. This term was widely used in the Campaign to Me campaign abroad. The word masculinity comes from masculine. Masculinin means masculine. Heroic, masculine, masculine or masculine. Toxic masculinity refers to the negative behavior of a male. Expert mail from abroad speaks of the gender role. Today's men are becoming volatile, unmotivated and sexually aggressive. Not all gents are like that, but there are also good people, though the fact that toxic masculinity is on the rise. The word Toxic is believed to have originated in the seventeenth century. Its origin is in Latin. In Latin there was a word called toxicom. That means poison. It came from toxic toxins. Gradually the word Toxic was used in many ways. Previously it was used in the context of Chemical, Substance, Gas, Waste and Air. For the past few years, it has been used for relationships, culture and social media
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