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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Fresh air: Now we have to pay even Rs.

An advertisement is seen on television nowadays. A man who looks like an idiot is sleeping. Kareena
Kapoor turns her face and asks, "May I have a deep sleep?" Then he asked if I was sleeping? Finally, it says that deep and healthy are sleep deprived. Use the air purifier as the air at home is not good. Demand for air purifier is increasing in the country. The man needs to be convinced that he is breathing clean air. Demand for air purifier in the country is growing at 40%. According to a study, by 2021 the air purifier market in our country will reach $ 209 million. New companies are coming to the market with air purifiers.

The atmosphere of the house may change a little with the air purifier, but what about the outside atmosphere? It is getting worse day by day. A Supreme Court judge has just said, "I cannot get out in Morning Walk in Delhi." Photographing a cancerous patient on a pack of cigarettes puts a statutory warning that cigarettes are harmful to PV health. One day in Delhi, pollution has reached such an extent that people suffer as much as 23 cigarettes in 24 hours! If this is the case, maybe one day some cities will have hoardings where breathing is harmful to health. In Ahmedabad, there were earlier hoardings saying that Ahmedabad would die, pollution would kill.

The movie 'The Sky is Pink' was shooting in Delhi. Prior to the shooting, actress Priyanka Chopra was wearing a mask. Farhan Akhtar shared his photo on social media and wrote, "Emotions have to be hidden with masks in the air in Delhi." The head quarter of most news channels is in Delhi, so talk of Delhi pollution is most commonly seen on TV. Otherwise, the situation in other cities of the country is no worse. The World Health Organization released the Global Air Pollution Database in Geneva last May. India was at the top of the most polluted country in the world. Fourteen cities are among the most polluted fifteen cities in the world. These include Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Muzaffarpur, Gurugram, Jaipur, Patiala, Jodhpur and Patna. The air in Vapi, Ankleshwar and other cities in Gujarat is dangerous. Now the air quality index of pollution level in each city is given. This is good if the index is 0 to 50. However, very few cities have such a good environment. We are starting to operate from the middle level. The question is, what can man do poorly for a polluted environment? What do you do if you are on the road and you find dangerous levels of pollution on the electric board? Most of you can tie a booklet. Man can try to improve the atmosphere a bit by making limited use of the vehicle and making small efforts. The court ordered that fireworks be fired at Diwali at some point. Every man should do his own thing. However, the real work has to be done by the government. Some of the rules may seem strict but have to be taken. There are some cities in the world where only petrol and diesel vehicles are banned. If using, use electric-powered vehicles.
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